Why you need to add a property microsite to your marketing strategy
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Why you need to add a property microsite to your marketing strategy

Are your listings getting the right amount of attention they deserve?


You can invest a lot of time and money into their marketing but if they end up competing with other listings in the same mediums and publications, your efforts may not be fully rewarded.


To truly draw buyers’ attention to the unique features of your listing, it needs to have the spotlight firmly fixed on itself. And Urban Angles’ property microsites are exactly the kind of solution that you need.


What is a property microsite?


A property microsite is a standalone website devoted solely to the promotion of your listing. This allows you to direct buyers to a single webpage, with its own domain, where they can explore the features of your property.


Why you should use a property microsite


Urban Angles’ simple design has all the familiarity of an online listing but its unique domain makes the most of your marketing content, and can feature:


  • Map locations
  • Video
  • 3D tours
  • Photography
  • Floorplans
  • Agent profile
  • Agency branding


Your listing’s media can also be extracted directly from or Domain, so there is no time wasted re-uploading assets.  


The microsite’s real benefit though comes from the ability to track data.


The microsite Urban Angles created for 12/1 Villiers St, North Melbourne for example, received 350 unique visitors, who spent an average of two-minutes looking at the property, over the course of its marketing campaign.


This is valuable information for the agent because they can see objective results from their marketing efforts. All the while, the agent, and the agency’s brand remain a prominent feature of the listing.

Your property microsite in action


It’s incredibly easy to send traffic to your microsite. A simple e-mail campaign to your existing database can link to your listing’s microsite or it can be shared directly via your social media channels. Offline, your custom domain name will make it easier for buyers to remember when they choose to visit the microsite.


For more prestige properties, a targeted digital campaign is extremely effective for driving your preferred buyer demographic to your listing.


When buyers arrive at your microsite, they are immediately presented with all the listing’s essential details and an enquiry form. And if they are foreign buyers, they can choose their native language from the dropdown list at the top of the page.     


Once buyers submit an enquiry, you are immediately notified. You have all their details and can follow up to make that winning sales pitch. 


Maximise the sales potential of your listing


1000 buyers may glance at your listing on or Domain but what percentage of those people are engaged with what they see?


Attention is a fleeting thing, but if you can direct buyers’ attention to focus on your listing alone, the amount of genuine interest could skyrocket.


The more interest you have, the better potential you have of receiving a premium price for your listing.


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