Property Highlights of 2018
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Property Highlights of 2018

Ask our team what their favourite properties of 2018 were and you get a taste of the diversity in architectural styles at the top end of the market. From the ornate Italianate landmark residnece at 34 Brewster Street, Essendon that listed at $7 million to Rick Eckersley's spellbinding 10 acre garden estate, Musk Cottage in Flinders, the choices are as varied as the iconic aesthetics the represent.

A mid-century modern in Mount Eliza gave us a moment to pause on why this architectural era endures whilst a renovator's delight spawled across and acre on St Georges Road, Toorak sold for a whopping $38 million. 

Meanwhile back in Essendon, a luxurious contemporary home with a designer pool and plenty of transterior entertaining sold for over $4 million, maintaining high levels of interest in the suburb where schools, transport and access to the airport appeal to the upwardly mobile.

It's a hallmark of marvellous Melbourne's dynamic culture that we embrace the old and dive head-first into contemporary classics, all the while creating magnificant, landscaped surrounds. It's a privilege to be part of capturing our shared heritage for the ages, one all of us at Urban Angles are grateful to be part of.

34 Brewster Street, Essendon
371 Musk Creek Road, Flinders
95 Mather Road, Mount Eliza
18 St Georges Road, Toorak
206 Napier Street, Essendon
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