Drone Photography Q&A
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Drone Photography Q&A

With more and more property owners seeing the value in drone photography, we catch up with our photograhy manager Suzanne and talk about all things drone. 


Hi Suzanne (Suze to us here in the office), what do you love most about using drone's for photography?

Drone photography gives a whole new perspective of a property and its surroundings that you just can’t get from the ground. Being able to offer agents and vendors alike another tool to market property is always exciting.


What would you say is the advantage of using drone photography for a property owner? 

When buying property they always say “location, location, location”. Drone photography offers a way to showcase a properties location and surrounds. Ground photography is a great tool to highlight a properties immediate features but drone can really bring a property to life whilst also drawing focus on the properties location. Whether you want to market a properties close proximity to schools, the beach or even the city, drone is the perfect, affordable solution.


Which drone/s do you prefer to use to get that perfect shot? 

The market is pretty saturated with a variety of drones available from children’s toys to fully professional rigs. Each and everyone serves a purpose but here are my favourites.

The DJ Mavic Pro II is a good reliable starting point for the professional. It’s light, super portable and can handle varying conditions really well. It also has a good quality camera attached which makes it the perfect choice for the professional at any level.

The Inspire II is a bit of a step up. It’s extra weight means a different level of certification but when you need to capture great quality video footage, this is the way to go. With a larger sensor and the ability to change lenses, the Inspire II is a great tool to get a bit more creative with your drone work.


What does 2020 hold for drone photography? 

Drone is a pretty popular marketing tool already but I see even more interest and demand in 2020. Integrating drone footage into marketing footage is going to be well sort after. With laws and legislation constantly changing to stay up to date with drone technology, we always need to stay vigilant.


For expert drone photography, contact us via email or call us on 1300 144 255.

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