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The Rise Of Drones
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The Rise Of Drones

Drone, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) photography and video is the latest and most captivating trend in real estate marketing.

The cinematic capabilities create dramatic, compelling images that make listings come alive and engage the viewer in an instant, immersive experience. Drone video footage shows properties in ways that traditional photography can’t while delivering a genuine sense of excitement.

In an era when you only have moments to capture the attention of viewers looking at advertisements or listings, the scope of drone imagery not only fixes eyes to the screen, but delivers a shower of information in moments. Listings become media-rich, thrilling and comprehensive.

With aerial photography and video, viewers immediately have an understanding of the home’s architecture, layout and outdoor areas. Surroundings are shown in a way that has not been possible before. Prospective buyers see in an instant whether they are looking at a home in a treed neighbourhood or one with commercial and industrial areas. They have an idea of what it would be like for the children to play and walk to school there. How close are amenities and services? Are there parks and playgrounds? This type of information is particularly valuable to overseas or interstate buyers.

Imagery of this calibre not only sells the property, but sells you as an agent who presents the most effective and up-to-date marketing and provides the best for his or her clients.

Once used only for ultra high-end sales, drone photography is now at a price that makes it a viable aid in marketing a wide range of homes.

Urban Angles’ pilot photographers, CASA certified, know how to use the full range of a drone’s capacity to best effect, how to maximise the drama of heights and angles, how to set up the shoot, show off the home’s best features, and play with the light and sun. The company is a leader in drone work with expertise across the full suite of post-production requirements and special effects.

 If you require the experts in drone photography, contact us via email or call us on 1300 144 255


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