Why you should add video to your property marketing
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Why you should add video to your property marketing

An expertly shot video makes a property appealing, engaging and memorable. It gives buyers a sense of walking through the home that can’t be achieved with still photography and makes it easy to generate excitement and emphasise key selling points.

One minute of video on a listing is said to generate four times more enquiries than still photography alone. The amount of information delivered in that one minute provides enormous value for viewers – an aspect appreciated by time-strapped searchers who are then more likely to view the property favourably and follow up. It also adds a dimension to the listing that shows your agency to be creative, professional and thorough.


Gary Peer - 15 Palm Avenue, Caulfield North - 4K from Urban Angles on Vimeo.


A professional video shows off the features and character of the house and portrays it as attractive, welcoming and filled with light. Music enhances the experience and the voiceover adds additional information.

Videos can have a wide reach – upload to mainstream real-estate websites, your own website and also on Facebook and social media, there’s no limit to how videos can be used to market your agency and sell property.

Company profile videos, and individual agent profiles, create a friendly personal connection and are seen as valuable in attracting listings. Some agencies establish themselves as authorities by sharing market insights and updates.

A video of the home’s surroundings and the local amenities is invaluable if the property is expected to attract overseas and interstate interest. For a high-end property, the combination of video and an individual website positions the home squarely at the top of the market.

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