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The Do's and Don'ts of Image Retouching
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The Do's and Don'ts of Image Retouching

Our years of experience have made us experts in the field. The key is knowing the boundaries and what is acceptable editing. Almost anything is possible using Photoshop and 3D Rendering technology, given the required time and budget. But that doesn't mean you can or should! 

In this article, we’re bringing you our Top 8 DOs and DON’Ts for retouching real estate photography, based on our years of experience in the market. 



Remove temporary items

We happily remove temporary items that are not easily taken down on the day of photography, such as basketball rings. In doing so, we draw focus to the features of the property itself, without any unwelcome distractions to the eye.



Remove permanent fixtures

As a general rule, we do not remove any permanent fixtures such as power lines or a neighbouring block of units.



Add colours or grass if property alterations are actually occurring

We’re also happy to add lush grass or change paint colours when we’re aware that these things are being altered for the sale of the property. 



Use people in your photography

Prospective buyers want to imagine themselves in the home, as well as viewing the property in terms of its marketability and house features. Adding people to photography takes away the buyers’ ability to visualise themselves in the space, and adds unwelcome distraction.




Remove visual distractions

For builders and architecture packages, we create idealized versions, removing inconveniently placed neighbours or visual distractions. This allows the property to be showcased in all its individual glory.



Show personal details or belongings

You might be proud of your collection of taxidermy, or your childhood dolls that have followed you in boxes throughout your various homes, but what you think is cool isn’t always everybody else’s cup of tea. Always keep in mind that the buyer wants to imagine his or her own version of the space, not the tastes of the person who lived there before.




Add virtual furniture to showcase the potential of a space

Sometimes, we use virtual furniture to fit out and demonstrate the unwavering potential of a property. The use of the space is considered carefully, and faithfully executed by our experienced designers. Choosing furniture that is relevant to the space and style portrayed requires a keen eye for detail.



Remove clutter via Photoshop 

Taking photographs that are clutter-free is essential, because removing clutter via Photoshop is tedious and unnecessary. Making sure the space is clean when you take the shots saves a lot of time and frustration. Often, this relies on having good tenants and agents to work with, who will keep the space tidy.



Overall, the most important thing to remember is to be faithful towards your prospective buyers. Deceiving them with Photoshop tricks serves no purpose – but creating the best visual representation of the property not only attracts higher prices and enthusiastic buyers, it will maintain your credibility as a highly-skilled and trusted professional. 


If you feel like your home could avail of our retouching expertise, contact us today. 



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