What's great about virtual property inspections?
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What's great about virtual property inspections?

With inspections and open-homes currently paused, Real Estate professionals are seeking alternative approaches to showcase their listings to home-buyers and tenants.

Urban Angles Virtual Property Inspections are one of best methods of doing just that, providing an ingenious option when real life property inspections are off the cards.

Here are some of the many reasons why an Urban Angles Virtual Property Inspection will be a hit with buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants –

Get a better sense of a property

Driving past or attending an inspection is a sure-fire way to determine the immediate suitability of a property to a buyer or tenants needs. Viewing a property in complete detail online, via a virtual inspection, speeds up this process with buyers able to complete this necessary process quickly and at their own leisure.

Mitigate off-the-plan uncertainty

Buying a new home off-the-plan is full of so many uncertainties – buyers are already well aware they are making a decision based on floorplans, artist impressions, display suites and trust. A virtual inspection helps buyers visualise the property before it is even constructed, taking some of the guess work out of the off-the-plan buying journey.

Secure a more qualified buyer

Attending inspections is hard yakka, often wrought with crowds of competing buyers and tenants, taking up weekends rather spent elsewhere. Virtual tours allow buyers to browse the finer details of a property from the comfort of their home, so you know when they reach out to the listing agent, they have already shortlisted your property with genuine interest.

Revisit at your leisure!

Follow-up inspections with serious buyers and tenants can take up a huge amount of a real estate agents day. Virtual Inspections allow buyers to re-visit their shortlisted homes many times, mitigating the workload of busy agents.

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