Meet Arnaud, our new Business Development Manager for Sydney
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Meet Arnaud, our new Business Development Manager for Sydney

Introducing our new business development manager for Sydney, Arnaud Greiveldinger!

Arnaud, a French native, has called Sydney home for the past 10 years and brings with him a wealth of experience, having specialised in B2B sales and business development within the industry for a number of years.

As our new BDM, based in Sydney, Arnaud is tasked with overseeing the development of the Urban Angles brand across residential, commercial, and homebuilders throughout NSW. We are thrilled to have Arnaud on board and although he has only met the majority of our team via Zoom, he has fitted in seamlessly already.

Let's meet our newest recruit. 



Hi Arnaud, welcome to the Urban Angles team. Let's start by finding out what the typical workday looks like for you. 

Arnaud: Arriving at work, the first thing is coffee. Working from the Proptech Hub in Redfern, we have an amazing coffee machine.

Mornings are usually the best time to reach out and prospect new clients via phone, as most agents are usually on their laptops and not stressed (yet) from the day. I find that they are more likely to say yes to a meeting at this time of the day.

I usually spend my lunchtime enjoying a home-cooked meal, prepared by my beautiful partner Michelle, and chat with some of my co-working space colleagues, finishing off with a tennis table session.

Afternoons are dedicated to market research or client meetings.

Well, I guess we'll have to test those tennis table skills at this year's Christmas party!


How would you describe your job to a 5-year-old?

A: People who sell homes are called agents. I help the agents get beautiful photos and videos that will help sell the home.

Have you got a hidden talent?

A: I can belly dance.

This Christmas party will be interesting.

Last song on your playlist?

A: Arlo Parks - Cola.


3 Fun Facts About Arnaud

A: 1. I love music, I just started to play the trumpet again after a 15-year break. I also used to play the drums and mix a little bit.

2. Please don't be angry but I had never heard of footy before I came to Australia. 

3. My fiance's name is Michelle and my grandfather's name was Michel on both my father's side and my mother's side AND Michel is also one of my middle names.

When things are meant to be. :)

Wow, that's amazing!



Anything you would like to say to our audience?

A: I am someone who genuinely believes that everything happens for a reason. My positive outlook on life and my upbeat personality have got me to where I am today.

I believe that one of the most important things is to be close to your loved ones and be happy with your life.

What a great outlook on life Arnaud. Once again, welcome to the team!


If you're based in Sydney and looking to get the bests results for your property, then get in touch with Arnaud and work with Australia's leaders in creative services for the real estate industry.

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