Meet Minh, our new Accountant
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Meet Minh, our new Accountant

Introducing our new accountant, Minh Dao!

Born and raised here in Melbourne, Minh attended Monash University before starting his accounting journey as an Accounts Officer at AUSVEG.

Minh is a welcome addition to our accounts department and has hit the ground running and when not in the office he enjoys making others run around as he's the assistant coach for a local basketball team.

Let's meet our newest recruit. 



Hi Minh, we are delighted to welcome you into our growing team. Let's start by finding out what the typical workday looks like for you. 

Minh: My day always starts with a green tea first and foremost to prop me up. Usually, my morning will depend on what is a priority at the time, but often it starts with reconciliations and accounts receivable management.

Throughout the day, there are a lot of requests and enquiries via phone and email which require attention. In the afternoon, there are clients who have scheduled billing and month-end tasks that need to be worked on.

Every day is different, especially in a relatively new role, but that’s what keeps it interesting and challenging!


How would you describe your job to a 5-year-old?

M: I count and look after money for the boss-man.

Have you got a hidden talent?

M: Fantasy football.

I shall be picking your brain for some tips so!

Last movie you watched?

M: Tenet, and I may or may not have understood it all.


3 Fun Facts About Minh

M: 1. My great-great-grandfather is French.

2. I love sports, such as basketball, boxing, and ice hockey.

3. The proud owner of too many pairs of shoes



Anything you would like to say to our audience?

M: Society has endured a tough year that was 2020, but I truly believe it will only make us more resilient.

Whether you found a new hobby, grew closer to your family, or spoke to an old friend, I hope everyone learnt something from this time that they’ll utilise moving forward. Life is about turning those red lights into green lights.

A great piece of advice to end with, thank you Minh and welcome to the team!

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