Showcasing talent: Home styling trends with Natalie James
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Showcasing talent: Home styling trends with Natalie James

From her background in visual merchandising, Natalie James brings a head-turning wow factor to marketing property with her signature style that says: livability.



“If there’s a feeling of warmth in a home, it’s worth highlighting the warmth rather than completely replacing it with staging furniture,” says Natalie. “Part of attracting potential buyers is about making a house feel like a home, injecting as much soul into it as possible.”

As far as trends for the rest of 2021, Natalie sees us reaching into our memories and deepening connections with items that matter, whilst valuing quality over quantity. She draws inspiration from travel and nature, whilst her two-year-old whippet, Monty, makes sure she gets to go on lots of walks.



“Given the year we’ve had I’m feeling like we need to declutter, Marie Kondo Style. A home is made up of memories and mementos that tell a story warmer than any trend. Trends will come and go but I feel it’s how you curate what’s already there that makes a house a home.”

Natalie also predicts less spending on fanciful items that end up in landfills and more on pieces already imbued with history and meaning. “The environment and sustainability are trends in themselves and have an impact on how we shop and live. I’ve found some timeless pieces on the side of the road and I find myself scouring Gumtree for the odd treasure and trinket.”

Her background also gives her a unique perspective on the sale process. “Think of your home like a retail space – it’s sales at the end of the day – so why not invite buyers in?”

What we love about Natalie is her focus on what exists in a home and taking a simplified approach to setting the scene for a sale. Her talent is clearly identifying pieces buyers (or shoppers) will respond to and highlighting them in an aspirational setting. “Light is a really important feature in your home. Afternoon light is my favourite, but if you’re open’s on a cloudy morning, make sure you light your home to bring out its best features.”



“Oh, and clean your windows!” She emphasises. “It’s the easiest thing you can do; takes a bit of effort, but what you put in is what you get back.”

Natalie’s common sense approach is simple and effective with results that speak for themselves in the thousands of homes she’s helped bring to market over a decade in the business.



2021 Top 5 Styling tips from Natalie James

Sustainability and the environment anchor the top styling tips for the times ahead, responding directly to a year of heightened awareness and reflection of humankind’s impact on the planet.

  1. Buy fewer, better things: Quality over quantity
  2. Bring the heat: Highlight warmth in the home?
  3. Upcycle and recycle: Borrow history and buy beautiful, used pieces
  4. Leverage the light: Make a feature of ambient or natural lighting
  5. Clean up: Help buyers appreciate the view and the pleasures of a sparkling home


Natalie James’ work can be seen in Resident Dog 2, available online at Booktopia.

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