Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I place an Order through the Urban Angles portal?
    Placing an order is simple – follow the steps below: 
    1. Log in to your account with the Username and Password provided
    2. Select Products
    3. Fill in access, contact and property information 
    4. Confirm your order 
    You will receive an email notification once your order has been confirmed, which will be followed up by a booking confirmation. 
    We’ve created a step-by-step video to walk you through the process, which you can watch here.  

  • The products are different – where is Prestige Photography?
    All our photography products are now Prestige as a base. You select your base number of images, and add the number of additional images. The more images you add, the more time we will allow on site to ensure we capture various options.   
  • What is Proofing? Why choose proofed photography over non-proofed?
    ‘Proofing’ gives you the ability to select the images from the shoot that you want to finalise through post production. It gives you the power to choose the shots you want on your listings. Without proofing, our photographer will pick their best shots.


  • Why do you need the details of who will be at the property?
    It's great for our field team to connect with the agent or vendor they are meeting on the property, along with a contact number to call directly if any issues arise (late arrival, unable to find).  
  • How do you get access to our/my property?
    There are a few ways we can get access to a property. This includes: key safe (code or key), meeting someone on-site (agent, vendor/tenant, other), key collection (fee applies), or no private access required (i.e. portraits, external only, drone only etc.)  
    If there are different access requirements on different days, then you can select the access method at the time of placing your order. Access needs to be advised 24 hours in advance.  


  • How do I book/schedule my job?
    When you place your order, please add your preferred booking date and time. Our booking team will try to stick to this as much as possible. Our Customer Support team will be in touch with a confirmed booking date and time for your ordered services.   
  • How do I reschedule?
    Please give our Customer Support team a call on 1300 144 255 and they will be able to reschedule for you, or email   
  • Does it cost to cancel or reschedule a booking/order?
    You can call our customer support team if you need to cancel an order.
    If it is outside of the cancellation period there is no charge, and you will receive a confirmation that your booking is cancelled or rescheduled.  
    However, we do have cancellation periods -  
    · Day Photography: Less than 3 hours - $55.00 
    · Dusk Photography, Video, and Drone: Less than 24 hours notice* - $110.00 
    *Adverse weather conditions will not incur this fee  
  • Why can I not book photography, floor plan and video at the same time?
    Photography and Floor plan bookings can be completed at the same time, but Video needs to be a separate booking so that they don’t get in each other’s way.   
  • Can I book a specific photographer?
    At this stage, you are unable to book a specific photographer, however if there is someone you would ideally like on the job, please add it in the notes section.   
  • How can I change access details?
    You can log in to the UA Portal to update access details. Alternatively, please give our Customer Support team a call on 1300 144 255 or email and they will update the details on your behalf. You will be notified the day prior to the booking if we have not received access details.   

Turnaround times

  • What are your turnaround times?
    · Standard: Final files are available by close of business, the following business day from when photography is completed onsite. 
    · Prestige (and/or when proofing is added): Final files are available by close of business, the following business day from when photography selections are submitted. Note: selections made after 5 pm will be considered received the following business day.
    · Express (Additional charges apply): Prioritised next business day delivery, before mid-day. Note: express delivery must be requested at the time of order AND at least 48 hours before your booking.

    Site and Floor Plans
    · All: Final files are available by close-of-business, the following business day from when measuring is completed onsite. 
    · Express (Additional charges apply): Prioritised next business day delivery, before mid-day. 

    · Social and Showcase: The first draft is available by close of business, two business days from the time filming is completed onsite. 
    · Prestige and Custom: The first draft is available by close of business, three business days from the time filming is completed onsite. Note: We complete colour grading after you have approved the final draft. 
    · Additional Amendments (Additional charges may apply): Delivery is dependent on request and scheduling. Normal availability is 2-4 business hours for minor amendments.  


  • Do we have to pay for you to re-attend the property for a missing angle/shot?
    Where a request is made for further angles, or a suggestion made that appropriate angles were not taken, we’ll have a member of our Photography Management team review the shoot.
    Where they feel UA Standards have been met (in line with product selected), a revisit fee will apply*. Where we feel appropriate coverage has not been provided, we’ll provide a reshoot complimentary.
  • What’s the difference between Dusk and Dawn photography?
    There is no difference, both of these options give the same end result. A dawn shoot is a great alternative during our busy periods when dusk shoots get fully booked.  
  • Should I shoot my home in the morning or afternoon?
    Sometimes this may assist with shadowing both internally and externally. Depending on where the sun is, the home or trees may shade certain areas, where preference would be to have these in sunlight. Have a think about the orientation of the home, and the fact the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. 
  • Why can’t I have my day photography at 6:30PM in summer/3:30PM in winter? It’s still light…
    In summer, we commence our Dusk shoots from approximately 5:45PM (through to 715PM), and in winter we commence from 215PM (through to 345PM). This changes by approximately 15 minute increments throughout the year, following the sunset. Our day shoots need to commence a couple of hours before that, to make sure our Dusk shoots are not taken with day photography. 
  • Why would we select Dusk photography over Day photography?
    Dusk photography can certainly be a client/vendor preference, as well as a brand preference. Opting for dusk photography in your property sale shoot can bring numerous benefits. 
    It creates a warm and inviting atmosphere with soft lighting, minimizing shadows and allowing key features to shine without distraction. This time of day is ideal for showcasing outdoor lighting features, enhancing your property's overall attractiveness. The emotional connection fostered by the tranquillity and charm of dusk can resonate with potential buyers.  

Image selections / Markups / Amendments

  • How do I provide you with amendment comments and image markups?
    These must be made via the Urban Angles portal. Once images are selected, drop pins can then be added to images. Be sure to drop the pin exactly where the amendment needs to be made, providing appropriate comments for the change and update. Here is
    a video walkthrough. These are then submitted and prioritised through to our Post Production team. Image selections via email or phone slow the process down and do not go through as quickly as those submitted through the Portal.
  • How do I make my image selections?
    These must be made via the Urban Angles portal. You will receive an email notification once your proofs are ready. The link provided within this email will take you directly to your
    images to review. We’ve made a
    video to help run you through the process, if needed.  
    Once images are selected and submitted via the Urban Angles portal, these are prioritised and go directly to our Post Production team, making sure we are efficient and as quick as possible to edit/retouch and get these back to you. Image selections via email or phone
    slow the process down and do not go through as quickly.

Post-production / Retouching / Editing

  • Can you remove power lines/poles, tv antennas, neighbouring properties for external shots?
    This is something that is certainly achievable, however, it’s important to be conscious that removing any external permanent structures (including, but not limited to, power poles/lines, street signage, trees/landscaping, fences etc.) may create a misrepresentation of the property. To go ahead, we required your written confirmation highlighting acceptance to take full legal responsibility for this specific retouching request. It’s better to be safe than sorry!  
  • What is included in “standard” retouching?
     · Removing flash and tripod reflections 
    · Reducing glare or reflections in window 
    · Adding window detail 
    · Removing stickers on appliances 
    · Adding fire (to be specified) 
    · Blanking out/blurring agent sign board (removal is additional retouching) 
    · Making pool blue, remove pool cleaner, clean pool debris 
    · Greening existing grass and vegetation, repairing grass 
    · Removing obvious cords (specify location) 
    · Making ocean blue 
    · Removing carpet indentations 
    · Removing fixed garden hose (specify) 
    · Removing external rubbish bins (if visible and could not be removed on site)  

Virtual Services

  • What is virtual styling? Can I choose the style of furniture? Do you have a catalogue?
    Virtual Styling is where we drop in digital furniture, which works well to create space and scale in an empty home. We have various styles to select from, and we will choose the furniture that best suits the home and space.  
    This comes with an additional 24 hour timeframe, after initial retouching.      
  • What is a Virtual Dusk?
    This is where we have taken external images (i.e. facade, backyard etc.) and retouch with a twilight effect (twilight sky dropped in, lights on, shading/shadowing etc.) This comes with an additional 24 hour timeframe, after initial retouching.   


  • Will I be charged a cancellation fee if my shoot gets washed out?
    No. In the case of adverse weather conditions, we will not charge a cancellation fee. We will reschedule free of charge.  
  • Should I reschedule my property shoot if it’s raining on the day?
    This comes down to preference. Generally, Video and Drone would be rescheduled. Photography (and floor plans) would generally go ahead unaffected. Our retouching team works wonders!  
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