On the ground, in the air, rural, inner-city, one property or many – we've got every angle covered.
Dedicated client services
Every relationship is unique. We listen, we hear you and we understand your priorities. And we have someone for you to talk to every step of the way.
Every angle covered
We can take care of all your property marketing needs under one roof, so you can save time not having to juggle multiple suppliers.
All property size and types
We are experienced in all property types, from 1-bed apartments through to large developments, and can scale up or down with your business needs.
Integrated technology
Our custom-built ordering platform integrates with all leading real estate portals, which makes delivering your campaigns easy - and quick!
Our Story
Founded by photographers John Wheatley and Jules Tahan in 2001, Urban Angles has evolved from setting a high standard for professional photography to re-defining property marketing.
Over the past 20 years, we have built up unsurpassed knowledge of the property industry, developing products and services to meet market needs with a focus on technology and service.
Today we are focused on developing a company where people are the core. We are dedicated creatives and business people focused on delivering outstanding results, committed to providing a premium customer experience, and helping Australians realise their property dream.
Nation-Wide Excellence
Our photographers are available at a moment’s notice almost anywhere in the country with customer service specialists ready to coordinate a team to meet your deadline.
On the ground


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Our Team
Anna Natoli
Jules Tahan
Lena Dasic
Ben Joyce
Michael Downes
Tony Ma
Jessica Kidd
Minh Dao
Nathan Dunn
Joanne Kamvissis
Ben Threlfall
Lisa Matton
Felix Kim
Christine Trainor
Chealse Vo
George Chang
Leigh Miller
Stuart Wilson
Thom Ruz
Marty Conaghan
Rosie Wilkinson
Amy Von Willigh
Ben Spence
Dan Moodie
Juliana Lourenco
William Chute
Fernanda Ramos
Samara Webb
Peter Nevett
Anna Natoli
People & Culture Manager
Having a positive impact on the lives of more than 30 people every day is a responsibility Anna takes as seriously as she does her commitment to drinking tea. Coming from a large family helps in a job where conversations are core. From work stress to holiday plans, Anna is always available to listen.
Jules Tahan
Steering the ship, watching out for storms, and producing work that lifts the spirits is how Jules approaches managing a business built on creativity. Working with each department, he continually refines a culture of personal and professional fulfilment whilst enhancing the customer journey through listening and learning.
Lena Dasic
Operations Manager
An outstanding communicator with unrivaled attention to detail, Lena is a highly dedicated professional, providing support (and plenty of reports) with a level head in a fast-paced environment. She’s no fuss and no mess, with the calculator her tool of choice at work and Dyson to the rescue at home.
Ben Joyce
General Manager
Ben’s role involves creative problem solving and keeping the business on track to be successful. Ask him over a coffee what the secret to a successful workplace is, and he's likely to talk empowerment. His management style helps build confidence in the ability of individuals to seek out solutions themselves.
Michael Downes
Partner / Photographer
Days can be long for Mick. After a quick coffee and school drop-off, he’s off on location shooting a recently completed display home. It’s an intense work environment where collaboration is the nucleus of a successful shoot. At the end of the day, true to his nature, he enjoys the simplicity of an ice-cold beer.
Tony Ma
Creative Director
Tony’s dedication is nothing short of contagious – the good kind, that is. He keeps the designers in check with a dose of motivation, a spirited vision, and the kind of wisdom you expect from a dedicated scotch whiskey connoisseur.
Jessica Kidd
Senior Account Manager
Jess is fully committed to great work and successful client relationships. Creative thinking is stoked by David Ogilvy quotes with the rewards speaking for themselves. For Jess, the greatest compliment of a job well done is referral and repeat business – something our clients strive for, too.
Minh Dao
With a high degree of efficiency and precision in communicating, Minh’s attention to detail and organisational skills result in consistent and reliable outcomes for the department. Starting the day relaxed with a walk and a green tea is ended with the same ritual order: a classic G&T.
Nathan Dunn
Customer Experience Manager
Starting his day with a long black, matching his outlook on life: strong, always half-full and a bit sweet! A typical work day involves looking at things from all angles, improving engagement, experience, and results. His mantra? “Support, Encourage, Shine, Find the humour, and make sure his passport is ready for the next adventure!”
Joanne Kamvissis
Customer Support Coordinator
Born for the customer service game, Joanne's patience and empathetic approach to her role is cherished by all. She ensures that she is always on hand to help a client, unless a bowl of roast potatoes passes her by, then she'll say bye as quick as she said hello.
Ben Threlfall
Senior Account Manager
Bringing his property marketing experience to our Projects team, Ben thrives on high pressure situations and is invaluable to his teammates. Starting with a good stretch at pilates and a cup of black in the morning, he winds down with a beer on the couch and his best friend Sadie the Weimaraner by his side.
Lisa Matton
Production Coordinator
Chaos coordinator by day, true-crime podcast fan by night, Lisa’s attention to detail is fuelled by good coffee in the morning and a Tommy’s Margarita when she can see her way to happy hour.
Felix Kim
Project Coordinator 3D Visualisation
'Fail to prepare - prepare to fail' is Felix's motto! He loves to start his day by working through the list of priorities he created the night before. Attention to detail, efficiency and clear communication are just a sample of Felix's skill set. Once the tools are down, it's family time for Felix as he coaches his 3-year-old son to become Australia's next country music superstar.
Christine Trainor
Finance Manager
A Northern spreadsheet wizard. A terrible loser when it comes to UNO, but she's pretty handy at solving problems, innovating, and communicating with all the departments here in the office. Christine loves getting out along the Yarra Trail in the morning with her dog while listening to her favourite tunes on Spotify.
Chealse Vo
Creative Retoucher
Creating pretty things in the studio is all the motivation Chealse needs to bring out her best: attention to detail and efficiency. Fuelled by coffee at the start of the day, her ability to create super-real perfection is the result of a laser focus on the work at hand.
George Chang
Post Production Manager
With a passion for passing on his knowledge, George loves it when a plan comes together. “I like to demonstrate and walk new recruits through the process and get them to that “ah-ha” moment when they truly understand the process,” he says. After work, he likes to relax with the perfect cup of green tea made to his exacting standards.
Leigh Miller
Video Director
“A storyteller who’s always on the lookout for something new,” is how Leigh describes himself. When he’s not on set shooting for a developer, high-end residential property, or corporate video, you can find him playing Apex Legends.
Stuart Wilson
Post Production Lead
A keen listener, attentive and focused on the task at hand, Stu effortlessly creates images from ideas. Fuelled by strong coffee, he burns off any extra energy at the end of the day by playing with his young kids.
Thom Ruz
Video Editor
Cutting, slicing and making magic come to life in moving images is Thom’s responsibility which he takes as seriously as his coffee and his cocktails. The three words that describe him best? Passionate, kind, and dedicated.
Marty Conaghan
Digital Marketing & Content Specialist
Marty’s from Ireland, where potatoes, football (soccer), and innovative thinking are part of the magical mythology of the Green Isle. Maybe this is what draws Marty to data science – the ingredients are simple, but sheer alchemy when they tell a cohesive story.
Rosie Wilkinson
Senior Designer
Dressing up a brand or dressing for a party, Rosie’s on the money every time. While being strategy led she loves nothing more than crafting brands that deliver the purpose and vision. Rosie stays inspired by trying new things and meeting new people, feeding her passion for design.
Amy Von Willigh
Retouching - Team Lead
A wise, old image wizard, Amy works her magic in post-production. She also likes to play detective when Photoshop, Wacom, or the Macs are misbehaving. On her days off, you can often find her strolling the Williamstown foreshore.
Ben Spence
Floorplans Coordinator
In the office and out again. Rinse, repeat. How does Ben keep up the hectic pace of working on-site and back at his desk? He runs for fun.
Dan Moodie
Senior Retoucher - Team Lead
Improving on reality runs in the family. By day, Dan retouches photographic perfection with an invisible hand guided by lots of coffee. By night, he loves listening to the tall tales his two young sons like to spin. When he’s looking for motivation, he can’t go past the Pittsburgh Penguins, especially Sid the Kid’s edge work.
Juliana Lourenco
Retouching Team Lead
Full of energy, Juliana starts her day lifting weights. And if there’s still something left in the tank after work, she’ll burn through it with a video gaming session. Art pictures are a passion of hers, lending a richer texture to the work she performs each day with a dedication to more precise details in every shot.
William Chute
Senior Retouching Team Lead
You can always count on William to know how to use the latest gear, software or gadget. Exercising his emotional fitness and capacity for technical creativity to retouch photos quickly and expertly, he likes to unwind with YouTube How-To videos and anything that makes the world a bit better for his kids.
Fernanda Ramos
People & Culture Coordinator
A long way from home now, Fernanda fulfilled a life-long dream when she moved to Australia from Brazil. She begins her day with yoga and a workout. It’s a routine that keeps her focused on a typical day at work in HR & Office Administration before relaxing in front of a sitcom with a home-cooked meal.
Samara Webb
Customer Support Coordinator
Music gets Samara going. A few of her favourite tunes in the morning has her prepped and ready to tackle any and all client queries. Being solution-driven, client satisfaction is key for her and when it's time to clock out, she loves nothing more than a good daily debrief with her girlfriends.
Peter Nevett
Senior Photographer
With a passion for architecture and portrait photography, capturing the perfect image for clients is what Peter thrives on. A run, gym, or golf gets him out of bed in the morning and a chilled music session with a glass of vino is the go-to for unwinding after a long day split between the field and office.