Virtual & Other

Floor plans

Giving buyers an instant sense of size and layout, our floor plans and site plans sell the dream before the inspection. Completely customisable, we have a style for every home, budget, and brand.

Virtual Dusk

Lustre, warmth, ambience – the witching hour. When you can’t wait for the right day, stir emotions from a professional photograph re-touched by our studio artists for a hyper-real effect that captures the magic of dusk.

Virtual Reality 360

Try before you buy is how our VR product, Virtual Reality 360 works. You get to capture a prospect’s attention for longer, which establishes a preference for your home, and boom! You’re working on a hot lead. Make your listing work 24/7 to build an emotional connection that’s even easier to convert.

Virtual Styling

Add a sofa here, a bed there in a vacant house for rent, an investment property, a first home, or a good old renovator’s delight. We have a massive library of elements, furnishings, and fixtures that’ll blow minds without blowing the budget.

Image Retouching

Shadows look fine in person, not always so great in a photo. Our studio will dial down a little contrast here, and adjust a little colour there, or in some cases rebuild complete gardens and images to take a photo from great to something that truly takes your breath away.

Studio Hire

Need some space to do it yourself? Our professional studio is available for hire to host your photographic or film production. Talk to our specialist creative team who can work with you and provide the level of support needed to make your next shoot a success.

Other Services
Urban Angles produces property videos that provide buyers with an atmospheric, inviting feeling, one that gives them an idea of living in the home and, most importantly, loving living there.
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From static architectural drawings to fully realised images - we bring life to buildings, whole suburbs, nature scenes, products, and prototypes.
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We're on the ground, but also in the sky! Add an extra dimension to your listings with drone or aerial photography and video footage.
Reflecting your values and your vision, we create ground-breaking images that inspire and motivate.
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