The Urban Angles App is here - Your next generation ordering platform
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The Urban Angles App is here - Your next generation ordering platform

We’re excited to launch the all-new Urban Freeway as the Urban Angles App!

The new Urban Angles App builds on the renowned Urban Freeway platform. We took the best of Urban Freeway and used cutting edge web technology to create an advanced solution from scratch. 

We can’t wait to show you our new App – and how the technology will help you save time and increase productivity. 

The Urban Angles App has many all-new features:

  • Project tracking
  • Faster loading
  • Improved design
  • Integrated price lists
  • Simplified project workflow
  • More 3rd party software integrations

What you need to know:

  • The new App is available from 7th June 2018 - All existing and archived orders will be available on the new App.
  • Update your bookmarks! - The web address for login is changing to
  • No change to your current ordering process! As always, we continue to receive orders from your preferred supplier ordering platform, via our new App, or just call us! Our team is here to help. 

Our ordering and content delivery experience continues to be the best in the industry - our job is to make your job easier! 

What does this mean for you?

After 7th June 2018 we will be migrating clients to the new system, where you can access all the new features and streamline your ordering and file download processes immediately. 

We will be in touch closer to the launch date with your office logins.

Urban Angles Director, John Wheatley explains the motivation behind the new App.

"The first iteration of Urban Freeway was born during the transition from film photography to digital photography. 

It was clear that Urban Angles would need its own photo and floorplan file delivery platform to deliver content to our customers. Our first version was cutting edge technology at the time and it was a first for the industry, and is now home to over 1 million photos and floorplans!

There have been several updates to Urban Freeway over the years to improve functionality; however, this is the most significant update in terms of the technology and features behind the App. It’s a reflection of the direction of Urban Angles for the next 10 years. 

The brief was to create an advanced ordering and file delivery platform that improves our customer experience in as many ways as possible. Customer service is core to the culture of Urban Angles and we knew our App had to make ordering and accessing your photos, floorplans, video and interactive content easier and faster – all within a thoughtfully designed interface. 

The idea is to save time, provide clarity on your project timelines and give you access to your assets anywhere, anytime. 

We understand that our clients work across numerous web-based systems every day and it’s a real point of frustration – that’s why our App is fully integrated with the industry’s leading platforms. 

The new App is powerful and flexible and gives us a platform to offer emerging and new technologies as a service to our clients. We’ve got some updated products already coming that will be accessed directly in the app – contact us to find out more!"

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