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Still Photography
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Still Photography

Nothing drives the effectiveness of a real-estate sales campaign like excellent photography. Images are critical to every aspect of the marketing – online, print editorial and advertising, signboards, brochures and flyers.

If a real estate agency develops a reputation for showing properties at their best, then it’s a given that listings and sales will follow.

When buyers are looking at property listings, first impressions are everything. A good photograph prompts a positive emotional connection, making the home appear welcoming and desirable.

Almost 100% of prospective buyers look for property online and, in the few moments they spend scrolling through each of your listings, it is rich and vibrant high-impact photographs that persuade them put the property on their inspection list.

And, of course, the more people through the door, the more interest you generate, and the better price you are likely to get for your client.

A good photographer has the ability to present a lifestyle, not just a building. His or her photographs say that this is a place where you can imagine yourself relaxing, entertaining and raising a family. The personality and character of the home shows in the pictures and its appealing features are emphasised.

Time of day and the style of the house are just a couple of determining factors in the way a professional will shoot a house. For example, twilight wraps everything in a warm glow, emphasising warmth and cosiness. A glamorous, contemporary home, with sleek, minimalist design, will be photographed to show its clean lines and the architect’s use of materials, light, texture and framing. With a professional photographer, even the most modest apartment will be portrayed as light, bright and welcoming.

A good photographer’s work presents equally well on a two-metre high street signboard or a print ad a few cm2.

Urban Angles has influenced the way building photography has evolved in Australia and operated at the cutting edge of the industry for almost 20 years. Our photographers are available at very short notice in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Tasmania.

We also specialise in architectural photography – arguably the most demanding and most rewarding of all building photography, combining as it does art and technique.

There is an intimate relationship between architecture and photography, and whether shooting heritage buildings or wildly contemporary newborns, the photographer must have a creative affinity with the built environment. He or she must be able to portray complex ideas, show the building’s relationship to its environment and allow people to get a visual understanding of a structure they may never see. Interior design and landscape architecture require the same set of intellectual and technical skills.

Do you require an expert photographer to make your property look better than ever before? If yes, contact us via email or call us on 1300 144 255

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